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The crew here at Bowdacious Bowrest have spent untold hours of blood, sweat, and tears developing our flagship product. We are super proud of what we have accomplished and very excited to bring it to you! We are almost sure that you won’t have any quality issues with our product. We didn’t sub out our production to another country, we barreled through it with patriotic Americans working their hearts out.

We are very passionate in our commitment to quality and believe that if a company says they are passionate about quality, they need to put their money where their mouth is. In keeping with this commitment to quality, Bowdacious Bowrest is committed to offering a lifetime warranty with no questions asked. If any part of the Bowdacious Bowrest system happens to fail for any reason (your extra heavy brother in law gets drunk and falls on your bow and snaps the mount) we got your back. You just send us pics of the broken part and we will send you a replacement. Every person who opens a warranty claim will speak directly to our managing team for the purpose of making the product better (If they choose to and If not, no biggie, we still send you a new part). We will, when needed, pick up overnight shipping charges to get you the replacement part you need when you need it in a timely fashion!!! We will never question your integrity or need for a warranty part. The exception to that will be when one person requests multiple claims. Multiple claims will be scrutinized and approved at the discretion of management.


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