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This is our flagship model designed for those who take hunting VERY, VERY seriously as we do. Our carbon fiber rod set is custom manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry. The braking mechanism is made in house, in America out of PET-CF material, a super material very similar in characteristics to the black handguns we are all familiar with. This model comes in two finishes, classic carbon which has camo on one side and the Bowdacious Bowrest bling on the other, or the stealth out ghost edition which has no laser engraving at all. You may also choose to have your unique artwork laser engraved. If you have any questions on this, call us or hit the chat box. We are very willing to take custom requests.

Please remember that ALL items sold on this website come with a no questions asked, lifetime warranty. We don't care why it isn't working, (maybe your brother in law got drunk and ran it over with his pickup truck), we just want it to work for you and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Just text a pic‬ of your non-working unit to (505) 225-8196. If it's just an adjustment issue, we will walk you through correcting it. If a part or an entirely new unit is needed, we will get one in the mail ASAP. Either way, we will get you going again with no cost to you, ever. Yes, we pick up shipping!!! If you are on a hunt and absolutely need it NOW!!! Yes we will overnight it on our dime!!!
There is no other warranty in the industry that we are aware of that beats this. We could stand corrected but at this time, we believe this is THE BEST WARRANTY in America!!!  That's just who we are. We believe in old school American values and we put our money where our mouth is.

This might even be the best warranty ever in the history of America regardless of sector, industry, or causality. We think that is probably true but can't confirm that legally. In reality, we WILL stand behind our product 100% and nothing beats that.

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