Hunting Stabilizer for bow

After Bowrest Install

After Bowrest Install - Bowdacious Bowrest

After successfully installing the Bowrest on your bow, the next crucial step is to check the calibration of the level on your sight meticulously. Surprisingly, 60% of hunters and 10% of target shooters encounter significant discrepancies in their sight level calibration!

Once the bowrest is securely mounted, extend it to your shooting level for optimal performance. Proceed by placing a level on the Bowrest itself to evaluate the accuracy of your sight level. Rectifying any deviations is imperative before aiming to achieve tighter groups at extended ranges with the Bowrest. Ensuring the precision of your level is fundamental, as any misalignment can detrimentally impact your shooting accuracy. By addressing this aspect, you can anticipate remarkable enhancements in shooting precision and the ability to shoot at greater distances beyond your previous limits."

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